An Old Secret

ghosts of the past

After sleeping for a full night in the comfort of Marius’ Tower you wake and find Marius. As usual he is in his study reading over giant tomes of forgotten lure while mixing strange objects on his desk and writing furiously. When walking in you see giant rings of smoke hanging in the air of many different colors and a look of excitement on Marius’ face. He is quite distracted and doesn’t notice your entrance. Once you approach him he hushes you for a second while he mixes a couple more things into a large pot which instantly turns a sickly green and begins boiling. He seems content with the results and scrawls something in a notebook. Quickly collecting the gem that you secured from the Goblin leader he moves to another desk where he has the notes from Mimir collected. Nearby are what appear to be random eyeglasses and several odd contraptions. Several copies of the notes you brought are shredded from his experiments on them.
He places the gem in one such contraption and mumbles an incantation absent-mindedly over the device. Extra letters and images appear behind the text of the note.
“Oh dear. This is worse than I thought.” Marius says mostly to himself. He then quickly turns to stacks of books nearby and begins shuffling through them. “Here it is. It may not be much help but it’s better to know what the ancients foresaw than to move forward blind.” He tosses the book on the shelf and grabs another, History of the Great War, tosses it on the table and then moves back to the note. “It appears that there was more to Mimir than met the eye. He used to go by the name Grimnir… and was one of five generals that served the dark one. He has foreseen the return of the Dark One and fears that there will be nobody to hold him back after the empires of old were destroyed in the final battles of the Great War.”
He holds up the note that has the message revealed and can see the black banner of the Dark One now imprinted on the note.

To those that survived,
I feared this day would come but I have made preparations to protect you for the time being.
You must go north to Goldsfield and search for Marius. If what I fear is truly happening then you will need his help to prevent Nyx’s return.
Go quickly and do not trust lightly.
May Avandra protect you in this time of change,
I regret what I did during the war and wish I could take it all back. I must prepare the world to fight his return to atone. The only preparations I can make are to train these young ones to fight and work together. With luck they will rally nations to their cause and be leaders in the fight against darkness. To the young ones who I am now trusting to right my wrongs, I’m truly sorry that I had to do this to you but there was no other way.

Marius finishes reading and hands you all the note. He takes a deep breath and begins speaking. “By the look on your faces I guess he never told any of you who he truly was. I guess there are probably other things he left out of your education. Whatever questions you have, ask them now and I will answer as best I can.”


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