Don't step on the - *click*

Like drumline, but with goblins

After slaying the goblins and engaging in brief pleasantries with the captain of the Whitecloaks, our stalwart heroes decided to venture deeper into the sewers to either slay the remaining goblins or discover an entrance to the Lich’s tower. The Whitecloak captain gave them a map drawn by his accompanying wizard, Jafar. Upon recognizing their apathetic acquaintance, the heroes requested that Jafar join them in their quest and he agreed. The group ventured forth deeper into the sewers, finally coming upon a long hallway that strongly resembled a subway platform, with curved sides and a tiled floor. It was clear upon first inspection that this hallway was riddled with traps. Upon hearing the approaching drums of enemies, our heroes cleverly decided on an ingenious method of navigating the difficult hallway: running blindly forward into the hallway of arrows and swinging death pendulums. After disabling approximately half of the traps, our heroes had safely crossed the hall, only to find the drum playing goblins hot on their tails, presumably to peddle candy bars at exorbitant prices so they can finally make it to band nationals this year. Bursting forth into the next room, the group found a pair of magical crossbows that they used to dispatch some of the goblins. Jafar summoned a blazing sun orb that dispatched many others, Suanmi continually attacked a bug bear while taking a nap on the floor, Warwick routinely punished one of the goblins with radiant damage while effectively using the crossbow, Taleb found a chest and no exit in the back room, and used his skills with a bow to effectively manage the crossbow that Jafar had abandoned to summon his death-star like orb of flaming sun. Flarbus twin-striked some things. The battle won, our heroes found that the outlet they’d fought so hard to reach was actually a dead end…


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