Down the rabbit hole

you're not Suanmi...

As the adventurer’s were sleeping there was a burst of fire and the only thing left where she was sleeping was the gem Suanmi had taken off the Goblin leader. In the chaos and confusion of discovering her gone Vox was teleported to the cave by Marius.

After exploring another area of the cave they found a secret door that lead down into a room with two large gold statues. After exploring the room a little Vox decided that it was a good idea to tap one of the statues which seemed to cause them to come to life. Large skeletons emerged from the statues and many more appeared behind small barricades in the corner of the room. After amazing teamwork Liddl’un, Flarbas, Taleb, and Vox destroyed the skeletons and another that appeared from the doorway that had come through. Loot was found and everybody had a good time.

On the way back to the room where the adventurer’s had slept in they heard noises. It appeared the Suanmi had returned but after trying to stab Liddl’un everybody knew better. The fake was quickly dispatched and the imps following it were also killed. The group decided to sleep in the large hall again and kept watches for another night.


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