Dragons and Dragonborn

Waking to find he had been left behind by his companions, Heskan found Marius who teleported him to the inn near the Oracle’s tower, along with a tome for Suanmi. While Suanmi locked herself in a room to decipher the text, Heskan and the others mingled with local folk in the inn’s common room. Flarbus met Barnabus, a local working to restore the town. Barnabus believed Flarbus to be an alcoholic for offering a beer at ten in the morning, but offered the group a small reward for helping with the day’s labor if they so wished. Meanwhile, Heskan spoke with a shady elf who called herself Hexana Mal. Claiming to be a treasure hunter, she told the adventuring group she knew where a large treasure was located and would split the profits if the group helped to retrieve the bounty. Despite some of the adventurers having misgivings about Hex, the mention of treasure moved Liddl’un and the rest to follow Hexana into the woods. Before setting off, the group asked Rigel, a dragonborn ranger, to accompany them. Rigel was hesitant, but decided to go along to secure funding in her search for her lost gnome friend. After coming to a clearing in the woods, Hexana revealed her true self – a young green dragon. Hex became enraged when the sorcerer Kana accused her of suffering from an eating disorder, and focused many of her attacks on him. Eventually, Rigel and the group defeated the dragon and divided the treasure equitably before returning to the inn.


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