Friends close. Enemies Closer.

Actually I think you are all racist...

Our adventurer’s decided to leave the tower in the afternoon and make it to the cave. As they were leaving Vox told them that the last time he had been traveling out that direction there had been camps on either side of the cave. One was a Gnome encampment and the other was Goblins. They went east into the woods to find the cave which was a several hour trip. Taleb was confident in his tracking skills and was following a game trail that seemed to lead in the correct direction. With Flarbas helping the others to stay on the trail. Eventually they came to a meadow which they approached slowly as they watched for any signs of danger. As they walked into the meadow they instantly saw the same wizard’s tower that they had left and realized they’d simply walked in a circle. Given this setback and the time of day they decided to sleep in the tower for the night.

They next morning they made the same excursion but did a much better job of continuing east this time. Once they found the camps they split up to go talk to Gnomes (Flarbus, Taleb) and Goblins (Suanmi, Kanatash) separately.

Both learned that the side they talked to had been hurt in some way by the other and that both claimed the cave as their own. All the Whitehallers decided to side with the Gnomes (maybe because they felt bad after leaving the gnome to die in the prison fire or because they’d fought goblins in the past).

They gained the support of the Gnomish troops and marched to battle with the Goblins. After a fierce battle with many casualties on both sides our heroes were victorious and destroyed the entire encampment. A polyglot gem was found on the leader of the goblins after being destroyed by an arrow to the neck (via Taleb). They found boxes had their names on it in an encrypted magical language that only the person holding the polyglot gem could read. Suanmi also decided to take the time to burn the entire camp to the ground after finding the boxes.

In the chests they found many magical items that seemed to be left specifically for each individual which will help them on their travels.

A few items remained in the cave that the gnomes and goblins weren’t able to recover. The Gnomes had claimed that the Goblins had locked them in their with monsters before they could escape and the Goblins had said the Gnomes released monsters into the cave when they were attacking. Monsters being in the cave was the only thing that they both seemed to agree on…


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