The Lion's Den

I've made a huge mistake

The adventurer’s woke up the next morning and decided to continue exploring the cave. The went past the caved in entrance and into what appeared to be the old barracks. As they walked to the middle of the room the ground fell out from under their feet. A weird series of lava tubes that functioned as slides split up the group leaving Flarbas and Suanmi to fend for themselves. They discovered an underground operation dedicated to producing undead for the Dark One’s army. There were elves, halflings, and a human mage that all were working to further the Dark One’s agenda.

After defeating elves and a large zombie that was throwing necrotic goo at them they moved from the library to a room with a large summoning circle. The mage and halflings in the room were very focused on summoning so Flarbas and Suanmi were able to sneak up on them and quickly dispatch all of them. After looting the bodies Suanmi decided that she could summon a powerful ally with the summoning circle the mage had been using. After much preparation she managed to bring through two ghouls but they turned on the summoner and nearly killed Flarbas. After killing one the other ghoul escaped out the door and into the wild.


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