Triksy Goblinses

Or how the ranger got his edge back

After the disastrous attempt to defeat the sewer goblins, the group rested in Mark’s shanty town. Talib planted a community garden, but unfortunately the garden attracted pests. Warwick helped in the construction of buildings for their new settlement, and was often drunk before noon. Suanmi healed from the burns inflicted during her brief sojourn to the fire plane and scribed rituals to memory, while Flarbus had wild hallucinations of ferocious beasts, such as bears and wolves.

Upon the groups full return to health, the adventurers debated their next steps. Were they to seek the final obelisk? Or return to slay the sewer goblins, per the request of Barnabus? Eventually, the turned their tracks towards the sewers entrance, to finish the task Barnabus had set and recover the blades Flarbus had lost during the last encounter. The group climbed into the sewers using the same ropes they had left before, their journey down illuminated by Suanmi’s dark light, and upon landing in the dark canal waters below, Flarbus began searching the bottom of the canal with both hands for his missing blade. Suanmi used ritual magic to lower the water of the tunnel, and as the water escaped, the first of the missing blades was lying just twenty feet ahead. Venturing forward to find the still missing luck blade, and hopeful of stumbling upon the goblins Barnabus wanted destroyed, the group caught distant sounds that could not be discerned. They followed the sound through a maze of tunnels before finally coming across a great battle between the Guardians and the goblins.

They decided to allow the skirmish to continue for some time before intervening on the side of the Guardians. During the wait, Suanmi cast Battlefield Elocution so they might advise the Guardians that they were allies. In the heat of battle, the Guardians saw only Talib’s glinting arrow explode from the darkness, slaying one of the goblins. As the group rushed into battle, Suanmi used her battlefield elocution to call out to the guardians, nearly confusing the egyption God of justice Maat ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maat ) with the Guardian’s God Bahamut ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bahamut_(Dungeons_%26_Dragons) which is a totally legitimate mistake. The party jumped into the battle and assisted the Guardian’s in killing the majority of the Goblins,including the largest and probable leader of their force. The few stragglers were chased away and scattered.


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