Who should we save?
Fuck it. Let's run!

We last left our brave adventurers while they were escaping from a Guardian prison. They had just defeated two guards and were ready to make it the rest of the way out of the prison. With smoke from the fire they started getting thicker behind them they moved through the other rooms searching for their confiscated items. In the rooms they say many people asking for help in escaping. They released some while others were left in their cells. A couple more rooms had whitecloaks still hiding inside waiting to attack the unwary. They were quickly dealt with. Two humans were left in the first room that they checked and a gnome was left in the second room. The last rooms had more prisoners and all of them were released (including a goliath, tiefling, dwarf w/o his beard, two hobbits, a dwarf with his beard, and a halfling). The Guardian prison had been abandoned after all of the soldiers were putting out the fire to save the building and chasing after the fleeing prisoners.

The young ones from Whitehall made it out alive only to be stopped by the Whitecloaks that were chasing the escapees. After having fought their way through many of the enemies a stranger jumped from the top of the Guardian prison and assisted in the fight. The strange man had a large bastard sword with a large symbol of Bahamut on his cross guard (the symbol of the god the Whitecloaks worship).

After the battle he led the party out of town on horses for several hours. Upon entering a small meadow a tall, white tower appeared where a small tree had been growing. Vox (as he introduced himself as) lead them to the tower where they were greeted by Relic. A hulking warforged who appears to work for Marius lead them up the tower and found Marius. Upon reading the note Marius explains that he did know Mimir and the items that have been stashed in a cave a days ride to the East but the last he heard was that it had been overrun by goblins. After a closer examination of the note Marius quickly made a concoction of magical materials from the walls of his study and proclaimed there was more on the note than met the eye but it would take him a few days to decipher it.

Flarbus asked for any special items that the Wizard might be able to help them on their way and Marius quickly produced four potions to help them on their way. Relic then showed them to their rooms as Marius began collecting books and reagents to his desk along with the notes that Mimir had given them.

A nice play to rest and sleep has been provided before the group will make it’s ride to the cave and recover the items Mimir has stashed for them their.

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200
Guardians of Douchbaggery

After arriving in Goldsfield in the middle of the night and getting rooms the adventurers woke up the next day to knocking on their door. It was Kana from Whitefield who had escaped on his own and had finally found the group!

When they decided to get going they all scattered to the wind in the town selling goods, looking for a drink, beating up homeless children, and trying to find Marius. Suanmi was asking some nice men in white cloaks and armor for information and consequently was taken into custody while Zakarn. After yelling in the common square to see if anybody knew Marius with little success Flarbus went in search of Kana. He found Kana trying to berate a drunken man into buying him a drink. Flarbus tried to smooth things over with the obviously distressed man while Liddl’un asked around for work with local innkeepers. Eventually jumping on on the table and punching the innkeeper after being insulted. With the worst of timing the Guardians that were escorting Suanmi arrived to have a discussion with everybody that had arrived in the dead of night. After much discussion (and much attempted lying and intimidation) Zakarn decided that the group must be darkfriends and took them to jail.

After There was a ruckus in one of the other rooms (cause unknown) they decided to risk an escape while their guard was distracted. After some confusion over translating the text on the lock cooler prevailed and a riddle was revealed with the help of Kana. While using magic to open the locks Suanmi set the roof on fire which seemed to distract the guards more than they already were. They broke out using whatever weapons they could get and stormed their way out of the room they were being held in taking down two guards on the way.

They are still in the prison and will have to fight their way out when we return to their adventure next week.

Blocked escape
Never gonna run around and desert you

In the forest after escaping the attack on Whitehall they searched the bags that Mim had given them more thoroughly. Within the bag were all of the gear they had trained with in Whitehall as well as several healing potions and one that was especially ornate that was identified as a magical refilling health potion. Inside was also a note that read:

To those that survived,

I feared this day would come but I have made preparations to protect you for the time being.

You must go north to Goldsfield and search for Marius. If what I fear is truly happening then you will need his help to prevent Nyx’s return.

Go quickly and do not trust lightly.

May Avandra protect you in this time of change,

On the road to Goldsfield you spot a small blockade on the road guarded by more kobolds. The first guards were easily dispatched by Liddl’un using his crossbow from a tree, Suanmi’s destructive eldritch magic, and Quarion’s blender’o’doom. As more guards appeared from behind trees Flarbus showed his abilities by taking on three of them and emerging victorious with the help of Florence the bard’s encouragement and healing. Many magic items were found within the cart were divided among the group to help them on their journey.

The continued through the night on into Goldsfield where the guards let them in only after they were convinced the travelers were not friends of the dark. They found a a few inns inside the city walls and decided to stay at the Cornish House where they work the owner and payed for luxury rooms for the night and tipped well for the late hour that they were arriving.

Destruction of Whitehall
Everything you love is lost

The adventurer’s got their first taste of battle and retreat as the town of Whitehall was destroyed and many of it’s citizen’s were killed. Agrius and Mimir faced off and many of the townsfolk escaped into the woods as Mimir blocked Agrius’ way.

The adventurer’s destroyed many kobolds during their escape and cleared the woods of the minions following them into the woods. They have searched the bags and found gear that will help them travel to through the forest to Goldsfield. There may be more creatures lurking in the woods as they run north.

Everybody made characters and did freakin’ awesome! We got most everything people need filled out and only ran into a couple hiccups along the way. Now we can get familiar with rules and have an awesome campaign. Everybody has a pretty awesome character back story now.

I vote saddest back story is Flarbus’ parents died while he was out chopping wood…
Noelle Miaku is tempted by men too much to even go to a party and have one beer!
Suanmi is after power and will lie, cheat, or steal to get it.
Liddl’un enjoys playing pranks but feels bad when it gets out of hand.
Quarion the mighty wizard seeks the immortality through knowledge and power with whatever magic he can conjure.

I’m glad that there were only 5 people tonight because it was insanely hectic and more would have probably been too much.

I’ll hand out exp and make sure everybody’s equipment is working out for the next time we play :)


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