Don't step on the - *click*
Like drumline, but with goblins

After slaying the goblins and engaging in brief pleasantries with the captain of the Whitecloaks, our stalwart heroes decided to venture deeper into the sewers to either slay the remaining goblins or discover an entrance to the Lich’s tower. The Whitecloak captain gave them a map drawn by his accompanying wizard, Jafar. Upon recognizing their apathetic acquaintance, the heroes requested that Jafar join them in their quest and he agreed. The group ventured forth deeper into the sewers, finally coming upon a long hallway that strongly resembled a subway platform, with curved sides and a tiled floor. It was clear upon first inspection that this hallway was riddled with traps. Upon hearing the approaching drums of enemies, our heroes cleverly decided on an ingenious method of navigating the difficult hallway: running blindly forward into the hallway of arrows and swinging death pendulums. After disabling approximately half of the traps, our heroes had safely crossed the hall, only to find the drum playing goblins hot on their tails, presumably to peddle candy bars at exorbitant prices so they can finally make it to band nationals this year. Bursting forth into the next room, the group found a pair of magical crossbows that they used to dispatch some of the goblins. Jafar summoned a blazing sun orb that dispatched many others, Suanmi continually attacked a bug bear while taking a nap on the floor, Warwick routinely punished one of the goblins with radiant damage while effectively using the crossbow, Taleb found a chest and no exit in the back room, and used his skills with a bow to effectively manage the crossbow that Jafar had abandoned to summon his death-star like orb of flaming sun. Flarbus twin-striked some things. The battle won, our heroes found that the outlet they’d fought so hard to reach was actually a dead end…

Triksy Goblinses
Or how the ranger got his edge back

After the disastrous attempt to defeat the sewer goblins, the group rested in Mark’s shanty town. Talib planted a community garden, but unfortunately the garden attracted pests. Warwick helped in the construction of buildings for their new settlement, and was often drunk before noon. Suanmi healed from the burns inflicted during her brief sojourn to the fire plane and scribed rituals to memory, while Flarbus had wild hallucinations of ferocious beasts, such as bears and wolves.

Upon the groups full return to health, the adventurers debated their next steps. Were they to seek the final obelisk? Or return to slay the sewer goblins, per the request of Barnabus? Eventually, the turned their tracks towards the sewers entrance, to finish the task Barnabus had set and recover the blades Flarbus had lost during the last encounter. The group climbed into the sewers using the same ropes they had left before, their journey down illuminated by Suanmi’s dark light, and upon landing in the dark canal waters below, Flarbus began searching the bottom of the canal with both hands for his missing blade. Suanmi used ritual magic to lower the water of the tunnel, and as the water escaped, the first of the missing blades was lying just twenty feet ahead. Venturing forward to find the still missing luck blade, and hopeful of stumbling upon the goblins Barnabus wanted destroyed, the group caught distant sounds that could not be discerned. They followed the sound through a maze of tunnels before finally coming across a great battle between the Guardians and the goblins.

They decided to allow the skirmish to continue for some time before intervening on the side of the Guardians. During the wait, Suanmi cast Battlefield Elocution so they might advise the Guardians that they were allies. In the heat of battle, the Guardians saw only Talib’s glinting arrow explode from the darkness, slaying one of the goblins. As the group rushed into battle, Suanmi used her battlefield elocution to call out to the guardians, nearly confusing the egyption God of justice Maat ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maat ) with the Guardian’s God Bahamut ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bahamut_(Dungeons_%26_Dragons) which is a totally legitimate mistake. The party jumped into the battle and assisted the Guardian’s in killing the majority of the Goblins,including the largest and probable leader of their force. The few stragglers were chased away and scattered.

Dragons and Dragonborn

Waking to find he had been left behind by his companions, Heskan found Marius who teleported him to the inn near the Oracle’s tower, along with a tome for Suanmi. While Suanmi locked herself in a room to decipher the text, Heskan and the others mingled with local folk in the inn’s common room. Flarbus met Barnabus, a local working to restore the town. Barnabus believed Flarbus to be an alcoholic for offering a beer at ten in the morning, but offered the group a small reward for helping with the day’s labor if they so wished. Meanwhile, Heskan spoke with a shady elf who called herself Hexana Mal. Claiming to be a treasure hunter, she told the adventuring group she knew where a large treasure was located and would split the profits if the group helped to retrieve the bounty. Despite some of the adventurers having misgivings about Hex, the mention of treasure moved Liddl’un and the rest to follow Hexana into the woods. Before setting off, the group asked Rigel, a dragonborn ranger, to accompany them. Rigel was hesitant, but decided to go along to secure funding in her search for her lost gnome friend. After coming to a clearing in the woods, Hexana revealed her true self – a young green dragon. Hex became enraged when the sorcerer Kana accused her of suffering from an eating disorder, and focused many of her attacks on him. Eventually, Rigel and the group defeated the dragon and divided the treasure equitably before returning to the inn.

An Old Secret
ghosts of the past

After sleeping for a full night in the comfort of Marius’ Tower you wake and find Marius. As usual he is in his study reading over giant tomes of forgotten lure while mixing strange objects on his desk and writing furiously. When walking in you see giant rings of smoke hanging in the air of many different colors and a look of excitement on Marius’ face. He is quite distracted and doesn’t notice your entrance. Once you approach him he hushes you for a second while he mixes a couple more things into a large pot which instantly turns a sickly green and begins boiling. He seems content with the results and scrawls something in a notebook. Quickly collecting the gem that you secured from the Goblin leader he moves to another desk where he has the notes from Mimir collected. Nearby are what appear to be random eyeglasses and several odd contraptions. Several copies of the notes you brought are shredded from his experiments on them.
He places the gem in one such contraption and mumbles an incantation absent-mindedly over the device. Extra letters and images appear behind the text of the note.
“Oh dear. This is worse than I thought.” Marius says mostly to himself. He then quickly turns to stacks of books nearby and begins shuffling through them. “Here it is. It may not be much help but it’s better to know what the ancients foresaw than to move forward blind.” He tosses the book on the shelf and grabs another, History of the Great War, tosses it on the table and then moves back to the note. “It appears that there was more to Mimir than met the eye. He used to go by the name Grimnir… and was one of five generals that served the dark one. He has foreseen the return of the Dark One and fears that there will be nobody to hold him back after the empires of old were destroyed in the final battles of the Great War.”
He holds up the note that has the message revealed and can see the black banner of the Dark One now imprinted on the note.

To those that survived,
I feared this day would come but I have made preparations to protect you for the time being.
You must go north to Goldsfield and search for Marius. If what I fear is truly happening then you will need his help to prevent Nyx’s return.
Go quickly and do not trust lightly.
May Avandra protect you in this time of change,
I regret what I did during the war and wish I could take it all back. I must prepare the world to fight his return to atone. The only preparations I can make are to train these young ones to fight and work together. With luck they will rally nations to their cause and be leaders in the fight against darkness. To the young ones who I am now trusting to right my wrongs, I’m truly sorry that I had to do this to you but there was no other way.

Marius finishes reading and hands you all the note. He takes a deep breath and begins speaking. “By the look on your faces I guess he never told any of you who he truly was. I guess there are probably other things he left out of your education. Whatever questions you have, ask them now and I will answer as best I can.”

Dungeon Cleared
Why did it have to be spiders?

Fight with the spiders and getting out of the cave

also rewards from the gnomes

A Broken Seal
Nasir Will Be Pleased

Battle with Deathwight who was a follower of Nasir

The Lion's Den
I've made a huge mistake

The adventurer’s woke up the next morning and decided to continue exploring the cave. The went past the caved in entrance and into what appeared to be the old barracks. As they walked to the middle of the room the ground fell out from under their feet. A weird series of lava tubes that functioned as slides split up the group leaving Flarbas and Suanmi to fend for themselves. They discovered an underground operation dedicated to producing undead for the Dark One’s army. There were elves, halflings, and a human mage that all were working to further the Dark One’s agenda.

After defeating elves and a large zombie that was throwing necrotic goo at them they moved from the library to a room with a large summoning circle. The mage and halflings in the room were very focused on summoning so Flarbas and Suanmi were able to sneak up on them and quickly dispatch all of them. After looting the bodies Suanmi decided that she could summon a powerful ally with the summoning circle the mage had been using. After much preparation she managed to bring through two ghouls but they turned on the summoner and nearly killed Flarbas. After killing one the other ghoul escaped out the door and into the wild.

Down the rabbit hole
you're not Suanmi...

As the adventurer’s were sleeping there was a burst of fire and the only thing left where she was sleeping was the gem Suanmi had taken off the Goblin leader. In the chaos and confusion of discovering her gone Vox was teleported to the cave by Marius.

After exploring another area of the cave they found a secret door that lead down into a room with two large gold statues. After exploring the room a little Vox decided that it was a good idea to tap one of the statues which seemed to cause them to come to life. Large skeletons emerged from the statues and many more appeared behind small barricades in the corner of the room. After amazing teamwork Liddl’un, Flarbas, Taleb, and Vox destroyed the skeletons and another that appeared from the doorway that had come through. Loot was found and everybody had a good time.

On the way back to the room where the adventurer’s had slept in they heard noises. It appeared the Suanmi had returned but after trying to stab Liddl’un everybody knew better. The fake was quickly dispatched and the imps following it were also killed. The group decided to sleep in the large hall again and kept watches for another night.

Into the Cave
Treasure? I like treasure!

To Update later. Just saving the spot…

Left the gnomes. Promised to recover the cave so they could set up a permanent community. Found the secret (not-blocked) entrance into the caves but it rained rocks on them hurting a few members of the party. Into the pitch black cave they went with a sunrod to light their way. Traps were in the way which half of the party fell into. They found what appeared to be a “throne room” and after exploring were ambushed by several bug-like monsters and fire beetles!

After the bugs were defeated they found more boxes containing equipment that was well suited for them. They decided to set posts and sleep in the cave for the night before they continue on to either find another exit or clear the cave for the gnomes.

Friends close. Enemies Closer.
Actually I think you are all racist...

Our adventurer’s decided to leave the tower in the afternoon and make it to the cave. As they were leaving Vox told them that the last time he had been traveling out that direction there had been camps on either side of the cave. One was a Gnome encampment and the other was Goblins. They went east into the woods to find the cave which was a several hour trip. Taleb was confident in his tracking skills and was following a game trail that seemed to lead in the correct direction. With Flarbas helping the others to stay on the trail. Eventually they came to a meadow which they approached slowly as they watched for any signs of danger. As they walked into the meadow they instantly saw the same wizard’s tower that they had left and realized they’d simply walked in a circle. Given this setback and the time of day they decided to sleep in the tower for the night.

They next morning they made the same excursion but did a much better job of continuing east this time. Once they found the camps they split up to go talk to Gnomes (Flarbus, Taleb) and Goblins (Suanmi, Kanatash) separately.

Both learned that the side they talked to had been hurt in some way by the other and that both claimed the cave as their own. All the Whitehallers decided to side with the Gnomes (maybe because they felt bad after leaving the gnome to die in the prison fire or because they’d fought goblins in the past).

They gained the support of the Gnomish troops and marched to battle with the Goblins. After a fierce battle with many casualties on both sides our heroes were victorious and destroyed the entire encampment. A polyglot gem was found on the leader of the goblins after being destroyed by an arrow to the neck (via Taleb). They found boxes had their names on it in an encrypted magical language that only the person holding the polyglot gem could read. Suanmi also decided to take the time to burn the entire camp to the ground after finding the boxes.

In the chests they found many magical items that seemed to be left specifically for each individual which will help them on their travels.

A few items remained in the cave that the gnomes and goblins weren’t able to recover. The Gnomes had claimed that the Goblins had locked them in their with monsters before they could escape and the Goblins had said the Gnomes released monsters into the cave when they were attacking. Monsters being in the cave was the only thing that they both seemed to agree on…


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