Robe of Scintillation +1


Cloth Armor

Power (At-Will ✦ Radiant): Minor Action. The robe radiates
colored lights, illuminating like a torch. You can end
the illumination as a free action.

Power (Daily ✦ Radiant): Standard Action. The robe
shines bright with myriad colors. Make an attack: Close
burst 2; Intelligence or Charisma vs. Will (add the robe’s
enhancement bonus as an enhancement bonus to the
attack roll); on a hit, the target is dazed (save ends).


Made of fine silks, this robe sheds light when you want it to, and
it can also unleash a swirling melange of color that befuddles

AV1 – 50
worth: 520g

Robe of Scintillation +1

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