The Great War

Many years ago a great ware ravaged the land and every Empire was involved. An evil no one will name (of the few who know it’s name) was fought to prevent all of the lands from falling under it’s rule.

The fallout from the war as massive resulting in new empires and the destruction of the old. Kingdom boundaries have been redrawn for those that survived while the new have formed around religious beliefs and the worship of specific gods. Most are small communities (like Whitehall) who keep to themselves.

The war pitted many people against their own kingdoms and the Dark One’s sway expanded so to it drew more people to his service. This shattered the kingdoms even more than they had already been from fighting between rival kingdoms for the ever shrinking farmland as more and more was corrupted by the Dark One’s touch.

Many orphans were made during the war and have since grown into adults. Most children were adopted into families that had lost their own children during the war.

The Great War

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