A quiet town hidden in the Whitebark Pine Forest. Generally undisturbed from outside politics and war has made it a place of peace. Refugees that find it seldom leave. There is no church in the town but there are small shrines to several deitys set up around the village commons. The name of the town comes from the inn which is covered in whitebark shingles from the forest. There aren’t very many towns nearby but the closest town is Goldsfield about a 7 hour walk to the North.

Mimir was the town’s man-at-arms and helped to train every able-bodied person in the town to protect them from random bandits and kobold or goblin raiders.

Ryiah – a slight Eladrin woman who helps Mimir in his training of magic. She has collected a few books of magic to help with training of the diverse sets of magic the young people of the town are capable of.

Kellan – A fat human man who owns the inn and acts as the head of the village council.

Elayn – A woman from the town who grew up with all of our adventurers. She worked for Kellan as a cook and was a trained weaver who would make clothes for the village under the supervision of Ryiah and other village women. She was the first to be brutally slaughtered when Agrius invaded the town with his Kobold army.


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